Visual Studio LightSwitch (Kitty Hawk) announced

by Andrew McNerlin 8. August 2010 15:57

Microsoft has just announced LightSwitch, a new version of Visual Studio which is aimed at business users/developers who want to rapidly build simple business applications.  This release isn't going to excite hardcode developers, but business users and less experienced developers may enjoy the simplicity with which they can build basic applications.  

LightSwitch apps are divided into two concepts - data and screens.  By designing a new data source or using some existing data you can create screens which allow for standard CRUD style operations.  The screens can be one of the standard screen types supplied (e.g. Details Screen, Editable Grid Screen) or you can customise the screen to meet your own requirements.  

Features include:

  • Support for VB.NET and C#
  • Supported data sources include Access, SQL Server, SQL Azure and SharePoint
  • Creates SilverLight apps (in browser, out of browser and Cloud)
  • Auto screen creation (allowing for later customisation)
  • Auto data validation
  • Built in Export to Excel (requiring no code)
  • Word mail merge / auto document generation
  • LightSwitch apps an be opened in full versions of Visual Studio proper and customised more extensively.  This allows for an upgrade path if a LightSwitch app requires more complex features.

It will be available as part of Visual Studio Professional, Premium, and Ultimate on August 23rd.  Full release is expected early next year.

For more information see Jason Zanders Blog:

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Visual Studio LightSwitch (Kitty Hawk) announced

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Visual Studio LightSwitch (Kitty Hawk) announced

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