SVG support in Internet Explorer 9

by Andrew McNerlin 9. April 2010 00:12

Microsoft has recently announced that the upcoming release of Internet Explorer is going to have native support for  Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG).  IE is the last major browser to include support for SVG with Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome (+others) all already having this feature.

SVG support on IE has been possible by using various browser plug-ins,  but the story has been patchy.  Initially Adobe SVG Viewer was the best choice but when Adobe bought Macromedia in 2005 it announced that it would discontinue support for the SVG viewer (presumably as SVG was seen as a competitor to Flash).  Since then RENESIS Player has been the best alternative, but with no native IE support and Adobe discontinuing support some felt that SVG was a dying standard.

This announcement is excellent news for the SVG community and having worked on an SVG mapping application in the past I’m glad that this is finally happening.

If you’re developing SVG applications you may also be interested in this Visual Studio Extension which gives you intellisense for SVG.

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